There are about 246 million people suffering from Diabetes all around the world. This sums up to 6% of the world’s population. Diabetes today is considered as one of the most serious health issues that leads to multiple complications including stroke, heart disease, increase in eye pressure, blindness etc.

However, to avoid these complications further, diabetes patients need to be extremely cautious about their health and eating habits. Ignorance of this can prove in increasing complications and in some cases might prove to be fatal.

We have thus come up with a few healthy eating tips that will help in controlling diabetes and avoid further illness.


Well, most of the time all of us end up consuming oversized portions of food. This usually leads to a higher intake of calories. The basic rule is to eat right and in the correct proportion. Try to include many vegetables in your meals. To control your calorie intake include low-fat dairy products in your meals. Always prefer whole grains and oats. Try serving your meals on smaller plates. This will help to make small portions of food look bigger and satisfy your hunger.


Dining out frequently always disrupts your diet and results in unhealthy eating most of the time. Dietitian suggests that cooking your own meal is always a healthy option to choose and you are always more vigilant about the ingredients you add in cooking up a meal. Besides that, cooking is also a good therapy for your mind to calm down and relax. Ensure to use healthy cooking oils and avoid an excess of sodium while preparing your meals. Also while dining out, make sure to order dishes in smaller portions. Eat more of salads, soups, and steamed vegetables.


Aerated drinks, coffee or tea with added sugar, syrups, cakes, and pastries are a big no-no to everyone and not just diabetic patients. Carbohydrates from added sugar are extremely unhealthy and doctors always discourage consumption of these. Instead, try consuming carbs that can be derived from whole grains, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products.


Healthy eating will not be effective unless your body gets the right amount of exercise. Make sure to go for morning or evening walks every day for at least 30 minutes. Long walks will not only improve your immune system but will also release the stress and make you feel fresh. Another good source of exercise for diabetes patients is to practice Yoga. Yoga exercises like bow pose, head to toe pose, spinal twist and plough pose are extremely helpful in controlling blood sugar. Exercising also improves the insulin sensitivity in your body. One of the most important tips for diabetes patients is to keep their body constantly active with some amount of exercise.

Practicing these tips will surely prove helpful for everyone in controlling Diabetes.

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