Things to know about the health care system in Dubai


If you are someone who is planning to move to Dubai to the walk and educational purposes or to settle down, one of the most important Concerns for you will be the healthcare system of Dubai. If this question has been pondering you we would like to assure you that Dubai has one of the best health care systems in the globe. In fact, many people decide to move to Dubai due to its amazing health care system. Doctors in Dubai are extremely professional and experts in their respective fields. We have listed down some of the things that you need to know about the health care system of Dubai if you are planning to shift here.

Public health care

You would be very content to know that Dubai has got one of the premium public health structures in the globe. The hospitals in Dubai or for each patient high standard of medical care. The hospitals here are built with the finest state of the art facilities. It is run by a body Called as Dubai Health Authority or DHA who manage both public and private health care institutions in Dubai. Also English is one of the most common languages spoken here by the staff of the hospitals and clinics in Dubai and hence communication will never be a barrier.

Medical card

In order to avail the healthcare facilities or medical facilities by the government, one needs to have a UAE health card. This health card can be obtained By the Dubai Health Authority. It is always advised to individuals to have a health card even when they have their own insurance policies because many a time a policy will not cover charges for certain treatments.

Specialist care

If you are someone who wants to find out a specialist of a particular ailment in Dubai you can do so easily by visiting different online services that help you find doctors and make appointments without any hassle. We at Fidoc provide you with the complete information of different specialists in Dubai and their qualifications. You can also consider your family doctor to guide you for the same.

Emergency care

You would be happy to know that public hospitals in the way offered free emergency treatments to everybody. This means that even when you do not have a health card they will issue you with a temporary one if you are in need of immediate help.

Dental care

Dental care is very costly in Dubai and hence for this aim, many expats travel back to their own republics for the actions. However, if this is not possible for you, you can opt for dental insurance that will help in covering the different costs. Also, you can find a dentist who can open good quality treatments with the help of personal recommendation or through online portals.


Top pharmacies in Jumeirah Dubai

pharmacy in Dubai.jpg

The role of pharmacies in the healthcare system of any country can never be neglected. They play an extremely important role in assisting people and improving the health of individuals too. Pharmacies are responsible for guiding people and offering them the best medications or drugs that can help in a speedy recovery. They are just as important as a doctor and their judgments and opinions are highly respected. Moreover, pharmacies help outpatients or individuals during emergencies, strikes and even on public holidays.

For this very reason, it is extremely important that every individual is aware of the pharmacies around your area. Today we at Fidoc have listed down some of the top pharmacies in Dubai, located in Jumeirah Dubai area. Take a look below to know more:

Al Corniche Pharmacy

Al Corniche Pharmacy is amongst one of the top-notch pharmacies located in Jumeirah Dubai. This pharmacy is a highly reputed and recommended by most hospitals in Dubai. If you reside in Jumeirah you can surely rely upon this place. The ode of payment accepted is card and cash. You can anytime rely upon the judgments given by the pharmacists working here. The most important quality of this pharmacy is that they never sell drugs at an exorbitant amount.

Golden Life Pharmacy

Golden Life Pharmacy is known in the Jumeirah area to offer quality service to the people or patients visiting them. They always believe in offering the patients the best services that can help in a speedy recovery. They have an extremely professional courteous staff on board with them who ensure that every person visiting their pharmacy is given undivided attention. The method of payment is both cash and card. Golden Life Pharmacy also accepts insurance. The pharmacy is operational 24×7 with a reliable staff and so patients can visit them anytime.

Health First Pharmacy

Health First Pharmacy is also amongst one of the trusted pharmacies in Dubai, Jumeirah. They have been working in this industry for a number of years and hence are a known name in the industries. Not just patients, but also doctors have bestowed upon their trust in them. They sell quality medicines that can assist the people of Dubai. They can be highly trusted in terms of medicine and are always a dependable source during any health or medical emergency. Health First Pharmacy accepts cash and card and also insurance for payment mode.

JVT Life Pharmacy

One of the best quality about JVT Life Pharmacy in Jumeirah is that they offer home delivery. This has eased the experience of purchasing medicines for patients who are not capable to travel to buy drugs, especially elderly people. They are a group of professionals who will offer nothing but the best advice to individuals. They also have an extremely hygienic and clean ambiance created in their store. The operational hours of JVT Life Pharmacy are from 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM from Saturday to Friday.

To know more about the various pharmacies in Dubai and Jumeirah area, click here.

Know about the best clinics in Karama


Knowing about the best clinics in near you is always an advantage as you can rely upon the best doctors in town especially during a medical emergency when you need to make a quick decision. A nice clinic comprises of an expert doctor, well-trained staff and also a pleasing atmosphere. It is important to be aware of the finest clinics in your area as one has to, many times visit a doctor quite often even for small ailments. So if you live in Dubai, Karama or anywhere near the area, this blog is the right read for you. We have listed down some of the best clinics in Karama that you can visit for various ailments. Read below to know more about them:

Al Ula Clinic

Al Ula Clinic is amongst one of the most well-known and reputed clinics in Dubai. An added advantage of visiting this clinic in Karama is that the consultation charges of this clinic are quite affordable and start only at AED 75. The clinic has a luxurious ambiance and great interiors that ensure every patient feels relaxed and composed when visiting them. The clinic operates from Saturday to Thursday and remains shut on Fridays. There are doctors with different specialties available at this clinic and hence one can avail different treatments for ailments under one roof. You can visit dentists, pediatricians, physicians at this clinic in Dubai, Karama.

Dr. Radhi Al Hilou E.N.T. Clinic

For all those looking out for an ENT specialist in Karama, Dubai; Dr. Radhi Al Hilou E.N.T. Clinic is surely where you need to be at. They have maintained high standards of healthcare and there are world class amenities to ensure that every patient receives nothing but the best of the treatments always. Consultation here starts at AED 500. The clinic also accepts cards and insurance for payments. The operating days are from Saturday to Thursday and remains closed on Fridays.

Dr. Mariette William Morgos Dental Clinic

Dental ailments are always or the worst kinds and hence one needs to visit the best dental clinic that ensures to offer the finest facilities of all times. Dr. Mariette William Morgos Dental Clinic is the place that you can rely upon for this and a lot more if you are searching for the best dental clinics in Karana. The cost of the consultation is AED 145. You can visit them for treatments like teeth whitening, filling, braces, root canal or even any of the complex ailments.

Dr.Vinod Jain Clinic

This clinic in Karama also tops our list for the best clinics in Karama. The consultation fees here start at AED 400. The clinic has some amazing ophthalmologists and pediatricians on board who offer excellent care and medical support for a quick recovery.

This was the list of the best clinics in Dubai. To know more about the best

hospitals in Dubai or doctors in Dubai, visit Fidoc

Benefits of Ayurveda Treatments

NOV ayurveda-yoga-tour2

Ayurveda treatments since ancient times and been widely known for offering various health benefits and healing advantages. In fact, many of the doctors in Dubai too recommend Ayurveda Treatments to treat numerous ailments and diseases. We have listed down some of the amazing benefits of Ayurveda Treatments:

Ayurveda finds out the root cause one’s ailments.

While there are so many advancements and technological developments in the healthcare industry, in today’s time we tend to focus more on laboratory results and testing. The focus is more on managing one’s symptoms. Ayurveda medicines and treatments, however, focus upon complete different things. The doctors in Ayurveda work towards finding the root cause of one’s ailments and diseases and whether it is linked to one’s diet, daily lifestyle or stress level or a combination of all of these. The doctor tries to communicate by asking several questions to the patients to identify the true cause of the ailment. Once the issue is diagnosed, Ayurveda uses its principles. The treatments in Ayurveda are based upon the different laws of nature and have surely withstood to find the true cause of one’s ailments. The best part about Ayurveda principles and its treatments is that they can be applied to treat any ailment. Be it a chronic issue or a normal health condition, Ayurveda Treatments can treat them all. There are hospitals in Dubai that excel in offering multiple Ayurveda Treatments and people from across the globe visit them for an effective treatment.

There is a customized health solution offered to every patient

These days when a patient visits hospitals or doctors, they are examined only at a primary stage and in most cases given a standard prescription for a common ailment. Like for instance if a patient suggests some sort of mental issues or anguish he or she is instantly declared to be someone who suffers from depression or anxiety issues. The medications and treatments designed and more importantly the perception of some doctors in today’s time is to treat an ailment and not the patient. When you visit an Ayurveda practitioner for the same, the case scenario is completely different. An Ayurveda doctor believes in treating ailment by spending good time with their patient by being attentive about their concerns. Their focus is to create a strong relationship with their patients so it is possible for the patient to open up better. The focus is on the patient and later on the imbalances or ailments they suffer from. An Ayurveda specialist will be very helpful in changing your entire routine. From your lifestyle, diet to exercising an Ayurveda doctor will ensure to transform your daily habits so your body can tackle the disease in a much better and defined way. In most cases, the doctor prescribes herbal medicines to treat health issues.

Ayurveda treatments and medications do not have a negative impact on one’s health and that’s what makes them worthy.  Visit Fidoc to discover the right Ayurveda Doctors for you in your area. There are numerous other advantages of Ayurveda medicines that can be found out by visiting Fidoc.

Finding the ideal doctor


Finding the ideal doctor is no less than a task to accomplish, mainly if you are looking out for a new doctor or physician. There are too many questions that come to your mind when searching for a new doctor. Besides too many questions, you are also somewhat concerned if you make the right choice or not. You probably want to go to a doctor who ensures the well-being of you and your family members. Well, finding the ideal doctor can actually be quite simple if you keep these simple tips in mind:


Should possess good knowledge

A good doctor should be someone who knows how your entire body functions and what should be the best-suited medicine or treatment for your body. He or she should know the right techniques and treatments that can help in maintaining your body well. It is essential for a good doctor or physician to be aware of the latest trends and technologies in the healthcare industry. When the doctor offers the right advice for any ailment and accelerates the healing process is when a patient or person can actually and wholly bestow his or her trust upon the doctor.


Should have a good reputation in the industry

Most of us often tend to visit a doctor, surgeon, physician based on the word of mouth advice we receive usually from our friends and family. But while you do so it is important to check the source from where you are receiving this information. Try asking different people for their opinions to see what they have to say about the doctor. Look out for reviews and opinions that have a consistency and only then decide to visit the doctor. To discover the right Doctor for you in your area with Fidoc.


Educational background

Probably one of the most important thing to look out for searching for a good doctor. You have to keep in mind the degree a doctor holds and from which institute before visiting him or her. The expertise of the doctor you choose matters too. The license of practice also matters in this case. This all needs to be kept in mind as the level of care you are supposed to receive, is direct to the credentials and degree the doctor holds. You can visit Fidoc where you can find amazing doctors in Dubai.

The patience level

This is also one of the most crucial things that you need to look out for in a doctor. A doctor needs to have enough patience to look after every patient. Many doctors often try to see many patients throughout the day just for the sake of it. If you have been visiting a doctor like this, it is essential to make a switch. Long queues in the clinic do not matter as long as the doctor is patient enough to understand each case and offer his time and knowledge in suggesting the best treatment. Responsiveness and personal care also matter.

To know about the best doctors in Dubai and clinics in Dubai, visit Fidoc.







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Things you need to know before rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is surely an amazing cosmetic surgery that transforms your overall look! It helps you achieve a sharper and more beautiful nose with minimum efforts and gives you a permanent solution. Not just this, it also helps in enhancing the other facial features. But before you decide to undergo this procedure, there are certain crucial factors that you need to be aware of. Many dermatologists and doctors in Dubai have always prescribed a wide range of instructions for those who wish to undergo this procedure. Fidoc can help you to discover the right Rhinoplasty for you in your area.

We have compiled and come up with some crucial tips that you need to follow. Read below to know more.

Do not begin your exercise regime immediately

For all of you, who have made up your mind to undergo rhinoplasty, make sure that you take enough rest and do not immediately start working out? Avoid any sort of exercises at least for the next 3 to 4 weeks

Your nose takes time to look normal

While your nose would look much better and normal just after you take off the splint. The final effect may take time to appear on your face. It might even take a year for you to visibly see the results. The swelling, however, can disappear in about 4 to 6 weeks while the entire effect may take about a year to appear depending upon the texture and your skin.

Choose the right surgeon

This is probably one of the most important factors that you need to consider before you decide to undergo the knife. This is because one wrong move can ruin the entire procedure and make your nose appearing bloated or crooked. There are many clinics in Dubai where you can find expert dermatologists who can help you get this procedure done just right! Make sure you are in safe hands. Read about the doctor and the testimonials and also check out his or her educational qualifications. A good doctor or surgeon will always analyze your entire medical history to ensure that the procedure will not carry any complexities. He or she will provide you with a list of do’s and don’ts so as to avoid any problems.

The post effects

While you may not have to bear a significant amount of pain just after the surgery, you might definitely feel some amount of swelling and bruises. You can feel some amount of discomfort and stiffness in your nose as well, however, this is temporary and the effect can fade with time. Your face and eyes also might appear a bit swollen which is normal and the first few weeks can make you feel tired as well.

Rhinoplasty is surely one of the best cosmetic procedures that can help you enhance your facial features. However, it is important that you consult the dermatologist and get proper guidance. You can also check out some of the best dermatologists in the hospitals in Dubai on Fidoc.

Everything you need to know about Apollo Clinic

clinic-1-1Visiting a multi-specialty clinic always has a wide range of advantages for a patient. A multi-specialty clinic offers you a commitment towards a healthy recovery. Such type of a clinic offers a patient with all kinds of support that is required. From different specialties, therapists and doctors and a well-trained staff, a multi-specialty clinic ensures that a particular medical condition in a patient is taken care of with the best possible treatment and guidance from the expert and professional doctors. It comprises of labs and equipment that can help in offering accurate diagnosis of treatment. One such clinic is the Apollo Clinic Dubai that has done a commendable job for many years in treating patients who suffer from various health disorders. This multi-specialty clinic of Dubai has over the year’s garnered immense respect and confidence of the citizens of Dubai. They have an efficient staff and a welcoming space for their patients.

Some of the very popular departments at this well-recognized multi-specialty center are:


Apollo Clinic has some of the child doctors in Dubai or pediatricians on board with them. Dr. Saju John Manavalan, Dr. Mohamed Basheer Mohamed Ismail, and Dr. Jimmy John are some of the doctors who offer excellent child care treatment. Pediatricians at this clinic have a reputed name in the healthcare industry of Dubai. Ailments like cold and flu, infections and allergies are all treated and cured at this medical center. The clinic has a child-friendly atmosphere and hence is recommended for children. You can find the best Pediatrics in Dubai on through Fidoc.


Oral problems can be quite troublesome and if you are suffering from any dental or oral problems, Apollo Clinic can offer you excellent care and treatments. Dr. Fazil Kainikkara and Dr. Nazreen Shahena Syed are two well-known and excellent dentists associated with this medical clinic.


Besides offering excellent care and treatment for children and for dental-related problems, Apollo Clinic is a well-renowned center that offers excellent treatment for hair and skin related problems. The dermatologists here will diagnose your skin and hair thoroughly before going ahead or recommending you with any treatment. Dr. Chamrajnagar Ramachan and Dr. Hanish Babu are dermatologists from India who are associated with the Apollo Clinic. These doctors can handle any skin or hair related cases with complexities and guide you towards the apt treatment. The clinic offers treatments like acne, skin burns, pigmentation, laser treatments, hair fall therapies etc.

Another good factor worth mentioning about Apollo Clinic is the affordable consultation fees. The consultation fees at this center start at AED 90. The center has gained a renowned position in the healthcare industry of Dubai. The operating hours at this clinic are from Saturday to Thursday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM. The operating hours on Friday are from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

To know more about the best multi-specialty clinics in Dubai, you can visit our website Fidoc.